Original, richly musical, a spiritual writer of the material world, William Kelley Woolfitt honors the human urge to make art of lived experience and of the mysteries—in poems that celebrate and bear witness.

—Robin Becker, author of Tiger Heron and Domain of Perfect Affection

Third Coast: “In Possession of a Certain Farm”
Beloit Poetry Journal: “Tongueless”
Image: “Liturgy of the Hours”
Washington Square: “Manzanar Haibun (i)”
LETTERS: “Brother Almost” and “Stronghold”
Sou’wester: “Desert Bath at Sunset”
Folio: “The Fire Bringer”
Appalachian Heritage: “Removal Act: John Young Squirrel” and “Shall Cleave Unto”
Redivider: “Flight Lines”
Wasafiri: “Haemorrhissa”

Blackbird: “My Father As Weather Formation” and “My Mother As Harp Seal, As Sacristan”
North American Review: “Behind the Beauty Strip”
Colorado Review: “In Karst Country” and “In the Deer Wallows”
Radar Poetry: “H.D. at Point Pleasant Beach,” “Our Lady of the Mills, and “The Foot Washer”
Notre Dame Review: “Inside the Boarded-Up Slaughterhouse” and “Internees at Manzanar, 1942 (ii)”
West Branch: “Afterimage” and “What the Dust Falls Down On”
Cimarron Review: “Obedientiary”
Crab Orchard Review: “Paiute Woman at Manzanar, 1935” and “Internees at Manzanar, 1942 (iii)”
The Cossack Review: “Blaze White, Iris Black”
Cheat River Review: “The Skin of a Viper’s Jaw Transfigured”
Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality: “Blue Aster,” “Consider the Ant,” and “Pied Crow”
[Pank]: “The Planet Hunter”
Dialogist: “Elsie Accompanies Dr. Williams and His Family on Summer Outings”
Connotation Press: “In the Reformatory, Billie Holiday Refuses to Sing” and “After a Long Day of Teaching at Armstrong Manual Training School, Angelina Grimke Presses a Daisy in Her Scrapbook: a Rondeau”

Threepenny Review: “Flat-Spired Three-Toothed Snail”
Water~Stone Review: “Internee”
Puerto del Sol: “Jackal Weather”
The Hollins Critic: “Gourd Seeds”
Virginia Quarterly Review Instapoetry Series: “Gauley River Blues” (reprint)
Quarterly West: “Time, the Springhouse”
r.kv.r.y.: “Absentee” (reprint)
Now and Then, the Appalachian Magazine: “The Kettle Tender”
Four Way Review: “After Samson Burns Her Family’s House and Grain-fields” and “Antiphon for the Offices of the Dead”
Cumberland River Review: “Edmonia Lewis Shakes the Very Dust from Her Feet”
Town Creek Poetry: “Water Shrew as the Apostle Peter”
Still: the Journal: “Vanishing Lines”
The Christian Century: “Cricket Song”

River Styx: “The Bone Collectors”
Weave Magazine: “Josephine Hopper Decides to Paint Her Husband Reading Robert Frost”
drafthorse: “Firstlings,” “Cyanotype,” and “Black Girl in a Stream”
Saint Katherine Review: “Gold Eater,” “The Pangs of Wanting,” and “Landscapes in Black and White”
Thrush: “If I Could Excavate These Streets” and “Psalm with Moths, Tree Bark, Cracking Fingers”

The Los Angeles Review: “Kea’s Ark”
Qarrtsiluni: “Seeds and Stars”
Paper Nautilus: “Red Coals”
Connotation Press: “The Slaw Woman”
The Hayden’s Ferry Review: “Interior Detail, West Virginia Coal Miner’s House,” “Penny, Fossil, Button-shank, Milk Tooth,” and “The Sea Turtles of Barra de Parismina”
Confrontation: “Red Notes”

Rhino: “Memento”
Cerise Press: “Louise Nevelson Resurrects the City’s Refuse to Create the Exhibit Moon Garden + One”
Motif: “Gauley Blues”
Prime Number: “And the Limberjack-dolls Shall Stomp Their Feet”
Switched-on Gutenberg: “Simon Rodia Builds the East Tower of Nuestro Pueblo to Honor His Brother Killed in a Mine Explosion”
Cave Wall: “The Acolyte”
Nimrod International Journal: “Oasis Prayers” and “Words for Flesh”
Sugar House Review: “Escarpment”

ABZ: “Snakebit”
Salamander: “Christmas at the Frigate”

Pisgah Review: “The Beautician’s Secret”

Natural Bridge: “Ladder”
Rock & Sling: “Downstream” and “Switchback”

Poetry International: “Sun-seed”
Shenandoah: “The Blight-Trees”
Passages North: “The Mill”
The Cincinnati Review: “Yucca”

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