Epoch: “Yellow Transparent”
Santa Monica Review: “The Lepers of Siberia”


Bellevue Literary Review: “Spotted Dog”


Tin House online: “The Labor of Her Hands”
Relief: “Thief in the Night”
Michigan Quarterly Review: “Glady Run”
Appalachian Heritage: “Daughter with a Star on Her Brow”
Qwerty: “The Tales Told About Sister”

New Ohio Review: “Wax Museum” and “Crow”
Ninth Letter: “Sons with Apples in Their Hands”
Bellingham Review: “Birch Peel”
Paper Nautilus: “The Grafton Monster”
White Whale Review: “The House of Bones”
Fiction Southeast: “The Boy with Fire in His Mouth” (revision of “Renunciation”)
Sakura Review: “House with Two Doors” and “Kanawha Street”
Precipitate: “Deer Park”

Joyland: “Dead Air” (revision of “Countries Like That”)
Bluestem: “Fiberglass Beauty”
Pebble Lake Review: “Summer in Giverny”
Tiferet, 12 Words of Holy Days: “The Children’s Book of the Nativity”
The Reprint: “Orange Crush” (reprinted story)

Riddle Fence: “Renunciation”
Center: “Countries Like That”

Sycamore Review: “Bellboy”
Portland Review: “Creek Stones”

Weber Studies: “The Companions of Our Dreams”

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