Charles of the Desert

Charles of the Desert (Paraclete Press, 2016) charles-of-the-desert-a-life-in-verse-5

“Woolfitt’s Charles of the Desert is the ’ragged song’ of Charles de Foucault, attuned to the ’sweat beneath scratchy coverlets,’ ’the hoe and the rake,’ and to how a life can be ’all green wood’ that, in the work of years, leaps with the strange wildness of faith. — K. A. Hays, author of Dear Apocalypse and Early Creatures, Native Gods

“Woolfitt’s ’pilgrim’s progress’ [offers] an achingly lovely canticle to God’s presence as it is both revealed and concealed in the harsh natural world of the North African desert. Richly detailed, lovingly imagined, and exactingly thought through, [it] is a compelling work of art.” — Andrew Hudgins, author of A Clown at Midnightand Ecstatic in the Poison

poems from Charles of the Desert: “Cricket Song” in The Christian Century; “Teresa of Avila Compares the Soul to a Palm Cabbage” in Literary Bohemian; “My Father As Weather Formation” in Blackbird