woolfitt frogChorus Frog (poetry) was published by Yellow Flag Press in 2014.

Not only big eared bats “open their mouths in ardor” in Chorus Frog. Every poem is lyric enough to make a reader gasp at its rich language. Whether praising the elegance of a swimming shrew’s pearly slippers or imagining with empathy a woman who has left behind, to history, her hairpins, Woolfitt’s writing is equally sensuous and spiritual. Chorus Frog both gets down to the bones of timeless stories and fleshes out the small lives (of animals, of unnamed ancestors) otherwise overlooked. Generosity of perception such as Woolfitt’s saves what is beautiful in the world, not as hard fossils, but as lively poems.

Rose McLarney, author of The Always Broken Plates of Mountains




woolfitt-snow (2)The Boy with Fire in His Mouth (fiction, 2014) won the 2012 Epiphany Editions chapbook contest judged by Darin Strauss.

Woolfitt blurs boundaries between poetry and prose as easily as he blurs the borders between countries. The characters here possess a dizzying array of problems, an equally broad array of passions, but Woolfitt casts an empathetic, lyrical eye on each person, each story.

Caitlin Horrocks, author of This Is Not Your City





The Salvager’s Arts (poetry, 2013) was selected by Sascha Feinstein as co-winner of the 2011 Keystone Chapbook Prize.

William Kelley Woolfitt understands the poet’s job, to make a word-world out of the objects and experiences we find in the world around us.  He has even given it an apt nomination, The Salvager’s Arts, which describes not only how to build an ark, but also how to build a poem.

Jesse Graves, author of Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine and Basin Ghosts

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